The Engine of Digital Lending

Radius enables organisations to design, launch, service and operate any loan faster and cheaper than in-house or core banking solutions

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Secure & Seamless Lending Solution


Highly Customisable Workflows

Whether you’re an Innovative Financial Institution, SME Lender, Micro-Credit Agency, or related Service Provider, our team of Banking executives and Fintech Pioneers have designed Radius to enable you originate any loan in minutes rather than weeks. Use the drag and drop interface to create your perfect applications, user forms and document templates

Comprehensive Evaluations & Reports

Optimise and automate credit decisioning through our proprietary and custom risk evaluation algorithms. View KPIs, configure ad-hoc reports, export report data, analyze dynamically generated data with other teams, and more with Radius’ advanced reporting features.



Extend additional services and platforms

Connect Radius to all of your essential financial service tools from BVN Profiling, Automated Direct Debit, Communication and Notification Services (SMS & Email), Core-Banking integrations and thousands of other service integrations through our friendly APIs.

Grow your lending business, open accounts and originate loans in minutes with Radius.


Frequently Asked Questions

Drop us an email if you couldn’t find an answer to your question in the following list.

What is Radius?

Radius is a secure, user-friendly and multi-feature lending solution. Radius works great with low, medium and high volume lenders looking to efficiently manage their loan origination workflows (applications, documents, task management, and credit decisioning/evaluation)

How does Radius work?

Radius is web-based and hosted on fully secure cloud infrastructure.  This means that you don’t have to purchase hardware, or install software. You simply Login to our fully secure application from any web-enabled device and you have instant access.

Does Radius support credit bureau reporting?

Yes, Radius is integrated to Nigeria’s largest Credit Bureau to retrieve borrowers’ credit profile and history.

Is Radius Secure?

Yes. Radius utilizes the latest in SSL, encryption, and security frameworks to make sure that all of the data we host is secure at all times. We utilize world-class data centers, which are highly secure, utilizing state-of-the art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems.

How does Radius handle documents?

We give you complete document control. Radius allows for documents to be scanned directly into the customer or loan record for easy access and retrieval. Also, all documents that are uploaded or automatically generated are available for review anytime.

Does Radius have an API?

Yes, Radius has an Application Programming Interface supporting external applications integrations such as core banking applications.

Can I import customer and loan records into Radius?

Radius has a REST based Web Service that allows data to be imported. Importing of customer information, loan information, and transaction information can be handled by the Web Service or manually through CSVs.

Can my borrowers make online applications through Radius?

Yes. Radius provides you with a company-specific, fully customisable website where your borrowers can log in with a unique username and password and manage their loan(s).

Do you provide technical support for your loan origination platform?

Yes. Our team of banking executives and Fintech experts are available to serve you and your business needs.